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Simple Ventilation System

July 1st, 2008

One thing that I still think is missing from our plans is a very simple air movement system.

At the very first meeting with our architect we mused about how crazy it was that no homes seemed to incorporate the very simplest idea in home cooling: a fan that draws cool air from a basement and pushes it to the upper floors of the house. The fan could even be reversed in the winter to warm up the basement with air from the upper floors.

Somehow over the course of development this idea started to seem impracticle because of the efficiency of the mechanical systems, and a lack of space for the ductwork to run. I think there might also be some building code issues that require a balance of intake and output on each floor (which would defeat the purpose, to some degree).

If I find the time, I’d like to settle once and for all if this is a practical and feasible idea.

Posted by Colin