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Plans mostly into the city

August 14th, 2008

The revised plans are into the city! Included with them were documents from the architect answering questions the city had and further technical specifications for the Durisol block and the ICF Ledger Connectors (Simpson Strong-Tie) that will be used.

With any luck I’ll be back at city hall tomorrow with the Grading & Drainage plan. (Too bad about the 1-2 hour wait that comes with each visit!)

NOTE: Many of Toronto’s libraries have free wifi access. City hall has one such library. Once you sign in with the permit office you don’t need to wait at the counter; You can leave and come back around the time you expect to be called.

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Plans partially into the city

August 13th, 2008

Unfortunately our Civil Engineer has become swamped with other projects and like many in his industry are just so busy with other things, don’t have much time for a small project like ours.

Since I couldn’t be sure when I’ll actually have the Grading & Drainage plan in my hands, I decided to take what I had down to city hall.

Unfortunately when I tried to hand in the revised drawings 4 of them were rejected because it had the wrong stamp. A set of plans can either have the architect’s seal with a space for them to sign by hand, or it can have the signature embedded as part of the seal. Mine had the former and since they had been sent electronically, weren’t signed.

I was able to submit the new Mechanical drawings (now showing the HRV lines).

I’ve now received the drawings from the architect with the digital signature, and will reprint and redeliver them to city hall in the next few days.

I should mention: when I had to get the plans printed I used Sure Print and Design. They are a little bit out of the way for me, but their pricing for 2’x3′ engineering-bond pages was significantly lower than anywhere else I found. (And they were really nice folks, too!)

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