(edit) Recommendations

This page will eventually detail every person, company and product we feel is worth endorsing for the future builds of others.

Architect: McCallum-Sather Architects, Hamilton, ON

Your choice of architect may have the biggest effect on the successful outcome of your project. Architectural fees will typically range between 10-15% of the construction costs, depending on how complicated the design is, and how much of the project the architect will be managing.

After a lengthy interview process with 5 different architectural firms, we are very confident in our selection of Joanne McCallum and Alex Lukachko to oversee our Sustainable Home construction. They are both very knowledgeable and passionate about sustainability, and should a lot of fun to work with!

Land Surveyor: Ralph Paul & Henry Gerrits, McSkimming & Paul Surveying

Address: 9-1646 Victoria Park Avenue, Toronto, ON
Phone: 416-288-1492

To find a surveyor, we simply consulted the Association of Land Surveyors online directory and looked for surveyors in our area. The cost to survey your property varies with how detailed the survey has to be. For a complete rebuild you will need a full topographic survey, which typically runs $1200-$1600.

In choosing a surveyor, our impression was: anyone we called in the Association’s directory is a certified land surveyor, and therefore technically qualified to perform a survey. But in talking to Ralph on the phone, we found him to be quite friendly and we also got the feeling he was a very detailed-oriented fellow.

That feeling was not mistaken, as our Architect later commented that the survey they received was much more detailed than most, and would be very helpful in our design phase.

Ralph & Co. returned to perform stake out the excavation area, position the footings, pin the corners of the house, and complete a final survey (required by the city).