(edit) Gallery

These are just a few quick photos of where we’re at and some sketches of the home we hope to build. Once construction begins, I hope to extend this section with regular updates and detailed photos of the construction as it progresses.

Home - Winter[+]

Our current little bungalow dwarfed by its neighbours (winter). On the right (North), the property line starts about 6″ further right of the house. You can make out the south property line in the seam of our driveway.

Home - Summer[+]

Same, but in spring.

Proposed House - Front

Front of proposed new house (front porch still needs to be redesigned here). View is showing the south and east faces.

Proposed House - Back

Back of proposed house. View is showing south and west faces. (There are plans to eventually have an single story ‘indoor/outdoor’ room on the back of the house.)